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desirerpg whispered: Hi there, can we please get a shoutout? We’re a new original skeleton rp with an interesting plot. Planet Guerrant, also known as the home to war and conflict is ruled by a King and Queen, along with their daughter, Princess Selene. For the safety of the princess, both the king and queen decide its best if she leaves the horrid war-filled atmosphere and goes to the neighboring planet, earth…if only it had been that easy. Thanks in advance!

flightcrewrpg whispered: Hello, Nihao, Bonjour, Hola and Ciao! FLIGHT is one of the most elite airlines in the game. Anything you want or need is available for you and the crew is made entirely of young adults; with that being said, scandals, parties, and trouble are bound to be a part of this airline. So join us as we take our flight around the world! Please and thank you for giving our oc//bio rp a shout out!

queen-carrie whispered: Hey :) Could you help me with a fc? I need a 17-ish girl to play a HG tribute.

Of course I can help.


thevalleys-rp whispered: Hey Boo! Can we please have a shout out? We are an 10 month old oc roleplay based around One Direction/MTV show ‘The Valleys’. We have a lot of unused fc and our Zayn Malik and Liam Payne has just been reopened and we accept tonight! x

I will come check it out. So you should as well.


neckzrp whispered: Hello, may we please get a shout out? We’re a brand new Skeleton/OC RP based on a world renowned magazine that caters to werewolves and tries to eliminate the stigma of Alphas being put on a pedestal, Betas being middle class, and Omegas being breeders. Thank you so much!

Check this out!

lightafterdarkness-rp whispered: Hi, this is a brand new 12x12 skeleton roleplay based on the novel The Outsiders. All the skeletons have been posted and we're now accepting auditions. It'd be really awesome if you could give us a shoutout - thank you!


disneyisland-rpg whispered: Hi! We’re a brand new Disney roleplay. We focus on the Princesses, the Villains and the Heroines of the Disney franchise! Those that have been put in a famous light for being either good or evil. But time changes, and so do people. When those women change and the world can see it, they’re put on Disney Island for Wayward Girls. Can we please have a shoutout?

Of course.

terminallyrp whispered: Welcome back from your hiatus, Mikey! Hope you’re having a good day, and sorry to bother you, but may we please have a shoutout? We’re a brand new skeleton roleplay with quite an original plot surrounding guardian reapers trying to protect the terminally ill. All characters are open, so maybe come and check us out?

You have a shout out. I actually like the idea of this so I’m gonna check it out!

derek-stjames whispered: WHo can play the younger sister/twin to Darren Criss besides Lucy Hale?

Personally I could see Ally Brooke,Kendall Jenner,Maybe even Selena Gomez.

I Hoped This Helped!

Anonymous whispered: shoutout and thumbs up to those roleplayers who can successfully take up two or more characters in an rp and /still/ keep them all active