I’m Mikey and I’m here to help you while I jam to music. So does anyone need help? Aim:Stein007_Mikey Kik:Stein007 +

Thinking about doing two face claim packs. But do you want them of Wesley Stromberg&Nick Roux or Wesley Stromberg and Kellin Quinn?

aussierph whispered: Perfect Mascot is perfect.

Thank you love. Wesley is one of my three hero’s I have.

chergarlandrps replied to your post “Anyone know of a oc roleplay or A Hollywood RP looking for a Louis…”

Is he gonna be gay???

No. I wanna make him straight but Keep the asshole/sassy perceptive part of him. I wanna make him have like a skaterboy personality

Anyone know of a oc roleplay or A Hollywood RP looking for a Louis Tomlinson? If so can you like this or shoot me a message because I wanna play him for the first time with a Mikey twist.

@ddlovato: “Gonna give my hair a breeaaakkk, give my hair a break, gonna give my hair a break, my hair a break… Oh yeah, yeah..”


If anyone is awake right now, I’d love some apps! I can’t seem to get to sleep no matter how hard I try. I’ll just watch American Horror Story until then.



Come on guys! Get me six apps - males or females, already made pairs or pairs you want added - I don’t mind. Just give me something so we can get this off the ground~


Tour Life


Under the cut you’ll find over 500 small, HQ gifs of the lovely Adelaide Kane, who is in anything but Reign. You won't find any gifs of Adelaide wearing a fancy robe and looking like shes in the 1800's. Some of the gifs are mine but definitely not all of them. If you're using this please like/reblog if you're an RPH. Thanks! 


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